Feel it before you do it !

The driver is the 2nd most important club in your bag.  Only your putter is more important.

The Lag Rag Swing Trainer is specifically designed to help you drive the ball further by building swing speed, strength, and balance.

 *"I am a 4 handicap and have been playing golf since I was 12.  I'm now 65.  I must say I  am extremely impressed with your product.

  I have used a number of so-called training aids, including the ************, both iron and driver versions, the Swing *******, the           *********** Ball, the ******* driver, and the swing ******.

  While these items were to some extent helpful, they pale in comparison to the Lag Rag.

  I have used the Lag Rag daily for a week and I have picked up at least 20 yards of carry.  I might add it's cold here (mid 40's).         I'm sure my gain would be more if temperatures were higher.

​  This is a game changer.  I've never released the club through impact like I am now.  The ball just gets in the way, whereas in

  the past, I would hit at it.

  Thank you for a simple, but genuinely effective product."     -William, Lag Rag user

Thank you, William.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  

- Mike, Lag Rag Inventor

*​Always seek professional medical advice before starting any new exercise routine.

The above testimonial in no way guarantees these particular results for all Lag Rag users.  Results are dependent on, but not exclusive to, many factors including age, genetics, and individual training routine.  Individual results will vary.